Privacy Policy

When you are on the platform of Jacket Fever the top priority for us is taking care of your privacy that’s why we crafted our policies accordingly taking utter measures so that our customers can roam freely without any fear of security threats.

Once you are on our site you can see our products without any policy but once you click to purchase anything then you have to consider looking at our privacy policy so that you are aware of everything that we have stated transparently.

We do not share any sort of private information that is shared by you entrusted to us and we promise to never let you down on this.

What information do we collect from you?

When you get our services the following are the information chunks we collect from you to give you the best experience while onboard with us.

  • Personal Information:

When you are going to place your order on our site or purchase something, we are going to need your full name, email address, shipping address to drop off your order, and payment details to securely deliver our excellence.

  • Browsing Information:

In our business, we need to improve and update our website with the latest information so we get all of our customer’s IP addresses, browser types, and device information only to provide the best to you without any mishaps.

  • Cookies:

You can change the setting of the cookie according to your preferences as we use it to enhance the user experience on our website.

How do we use your information?

We promise you our loyalty and credibility and we hire a high-end professional team that tackles the data effortlessly without spilling a drop of your personal information as we know the density of importance it holds. We use the information for:

  • Order Processing:

When you give the required information it makes it easy for us to fulfill your orders.

  • Communication:

We provide you the option of receiving our promotional emails, offers that are exclusive, and updates. You can back off from it at any time.

  • Customer Support:

The information will help our customer support system to work efficiently and help you with great knowledge.

How do we protect your data?

  • We take top-notch industry measures to shield your information
  • We are never going to sell or trade your information to the third parties
  • You will be provided with a variety of options to choose such as updates and editing your personal information
  • You should check our page rigorously for privacy policy updates

Contact Us:

To get any latest information or if you find yourself unable to understand anything you can contact Jacket Fever and we will find the best help for you.

By using our website you will have agreed to our terms and conditions mentioned in this privacy policy.