Leather Jacket Care 101: Tips and Tricks on How to Keep Your Leather Jacket Clean

Leather Jacket Care 101

To brave the frosty winds of winter, having an outer layer is necessary. Every year multiple fashion enthusiast hit the online or physical stores and purchase vintage leather jackets to elevate their wardrobe. However, the daily rough use of these jackets ruins the quality of the leather. To ensure that a jacket remains of the same quality for years, we must implement some cleaning tips and tricks to ensure that the quality of leather jackets lasts long.

Join us, as today we will shed some light on the important cleaning hacks of how to keep your leather jacket fresh and crisp for years to come. We’ll highlight some of the tips that are easily doable even at home. Take a quick look at some of the common cleaning mistakes before we reveal the methods for cleaning leather jackets.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Cleaning a Leather Jacket

Fashion streets are loaded with multiple online stores selling classic mens leather jacket that speak of perfection. However, few of them are made with premium quality standards. Right after a few days, the fabric loses its color which ruins the quality of your jacket.

We have mentioned some of the common mistakes that we must avoid while cleaning a leather jacket.

Avoid Harsh Cleaning Products:

One most important precautions to take while cleaning a jacket is to avoid the usage of harsh cleaning bleach agents.  The chemicals used in these products are harsh and can ruin the quality of your jacket. Many individuals make these common mistakes and wash their leather jackets using harsh chemicals in hopes of giving the jackets a spotless look.

Do Not Soak the Leather:

Another common mistake made by fashion enthusiasts is that to give their leather jacket a premium finish they soak the leather in detergent or plain water for hours. Oversoaking those for hours can make them lose their color and also lose their natural oils and stiffness. If your jacket is covered in dirt and want to clean it you can use a cloth and dab on the areas where the dirt is stuck.

Avoid Heat Sources:

To maintain the quality of the leather jacket, heat sources like hair dryers and radiators should not be used. The usage of such heat products can ruin the premium-ness of the leather. Excessive usage of heat products can cause the leather to crack and fade with time.  The best practice is to hang them indoors. Although it may take time to get dry the quality or color of the jacket won’t fade.

Do Not Skip Spot Testing:

When cleaning your leather jacket, we must never skip the method of spot-testing as it allows us to identify whether this specific product is perfect for cleaning leather or not. You will find multiple cleaning agents on the internet that are perfect for leather jackets, however choosing the one that uses the material is a crucial task.

Highlighting the 5 Tips and Tricks for Cleaning a Leather Jacket

For perfect results, men’s and womens leather jackets need ongoing care, and not all detergents are appropriate for such sensitive material. To educate you with the best methods, our team has listed down some of the easy tips and tricks on how you can clean a leather jacket without ruining its original quality. Through gentle care and usage of the right products, you can easily wash off the dirt without breaking a sweat.

Mild Soap Solution:

A safe and reliable method to clean a leather jacket without ruining its quality is by using mild soap such as baby shampoos or soap. Dampen a cloth in the solution and gently wipe the stained area. Rinse the cloth and wipe off any soap residue. Ensure you can find multiple mild soap solutions online from any store, however, ensure that the solution does not contain sulfur as it ruins the premiums of the fabric.

Leather Conditioning:

The thick surface of the leather jacket makes it dry after a few months of usage and constant washes. There are leather conditioners on the market that you may use to preserve the jacket’s quality and keep it looking fresh and shiny. Use a leather conditioner that is appropriate for your specific type of leather. Apply the conditioner according to the product instructions, and buff the jacket with a soft cloth afterward.

Store Properly:

Placing your leather jackets in an appropriate place is a necessary task. Many fashion enthusiasts make the common mistake of placing leather jackets in direct sunlight which ruins the quality of the leather making them dry and dull. The direct sun exposure also saps away their natural color. Regular maintenance and gentle cleaning are key to preserving its appearance and durability.

Damp Cleaning Method:

Oftentimes time people make the obvious mistake of rubbing the areas where the dirt or stain is stuck to the leather. However, in such conditions, the perfect way to take a damp cloth and using the dab process, clean the areas very delicately to avoid the jacket from being completely ruined. You will find multiple cleaning instructions online on the internet. Use a soft cloth moistened with water to carefully clean your products, starting with the jacket. Steer clear of using too much water since it can degrade the fabric’s quality.

Conclusion: Read the Instructions Carefully

While making a purchase of a stunning leather jacket from JacketFever.com, you will find a great assortment of premium quality leather jackets. However, we must understand that every jacket has a different layer of material used in it. Some are even intact with fleece collars. To maintain the quality of these for prolonged years, read the careful instructions that are tagged along with the product.

At Jacket Fever we ensure that only the finest quality material is delivered to your doorstep. However, keeping them premium-looking for years is your job. Remember that leather is a natural material, and proper care can significantly extend the life of your jacket.

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